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Fried & Grilled Meals

The British are famous for their "fry-ups". In North America it's more frequently known as "griddle cooked". Either way globally nobody seems to mind whether we have a fried breakfast, fried brunch, or an evening 'fry-up'! And the 'all-day breakfast' has long been on the menus at most diners.

One of the joys of cooking a fried meal is that (with the exception of eggs, which should be cooked last) most ingredients can be cooked and kept warm in an oven without spoiling the texture or the flavour.

Remember too that many ingredients in a typical 'fry-up' can be grilled instead of fried, so you can prepare your food at the same time, using both pan and grill. Keep all fried for warm in the oven without covering it. A covered dish will allow condensation to form and turn food soggy.


  • Preparation: 5 Minutes
    Cooking: 15 Minutes
  • Preparation: 5 Minutes
    Cooking: 15 Minutes

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One of the questions I am asked is how does one prepare a fried or grilled meal so that everything is ready at the same time. The answer is simple, of course... one doesn't! Because a fry-up often involves many different foods that cook at different rates and at different temperatures using different methods, it's seldom possible to time everything to finish cooking simultaneously. In fact for those of us with just one grill pan and one frying pan, it is impossible!

The secret is to cook everything in the right order. For example, a cooked egg should be eaten immediately, so it should be cooked last. A sausage, however, will keep warm without any noticeable difference in taste, so cook your sausages first. A typical full fried meal might be cooked as follows...
  •   Golden Fried Potatoes in the frying pan (then into the oven to keep warm)
  •   While the potatoes are in the frying pan, put the sausages under the grill to cook gently, then transfer them to the warm oven also.
  •   Now use the grill to cook the bacon with mushrooms and tomatoes round the edges of the grill pan.
  •   Finally, fried egg in the frying pan. Start to cook the eggs just as you begin to dish up the rest of the food. The timing will be perfect, I assure you.

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